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Expressive Arts Florida Institute

Expressive Arts Florida Institute provides comprehensive training in Expressive Arts, and a wide variety of creative life enrichment workshops and classes, both in our Sarasota, Florida studio and online. We are: Kathleen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE, REAT Tamara Teeter Knapp, MA, K-12 Art Teacher, MHC Intern,REACE Victoria Domenichello-Anderson, MA, REACE

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About this course


A guide to awakening the power of your own creative wisdom

You will receive: 

  • expert guidance by 3 REACE's (Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educators)
  • easy to follow instructions, supplemented with videos, audios and examples
  • suggestions for how to expand the processes using different arts modalities
  • an arts-based mindfulness practice that is fun and easy
  • 10 Steps designed as individual, stand-alone experiences that you can explore on your own, with simple materials and limited space. 
  • great flexibility and freedom with how you engage with the practices
  • one lesson each week 
  • Invitations to play and explore

Although I am new to the practice, engaging in an ongoing practice of expressive arts has given me tremendous inspiration. I can see it affecting all aspects of my life, and my creative energy is expanding exponentially!  Becky Burns

All you need is an interest in discovering and deepening your relationship with your own creative self. 

  • This course is meant to be an easy-to-follow and in-depth guide, providing you with a comprehensive model for your personal practice with expressive arts. 
  • It has everything you need to begin.
  • Each step is designed as an individual, stand-alone experience that you can explore on your own, with simple materials and limited space. While there is great flexibility in how much time you spend on each experience, most are designed for 15-40 minutes. 
  • They can be done in any order, and repeated often, as each time will elicit a different response. While these explorations are focused primarily on visual art and writing, you will be encouraged to try additional arts modalities to deepen your experience.

Having an Expressive Arts practice has changed my life in every way!It has been an exciting journey that has taught me many life-changing lessons. Creating art, writing, discovering and sharing have become like breathing for me. The best part is that it is an eternal practice! Karen

Join us as we guide you to an enriched life with Expressive Arts.

  • Kathleen Horne, MA, LMHC, REACE, REAT
  • Tamara Teeter Knapp, BA, K-12 Art Teacher, REACE
  • Victoria Domenichello-Anderson, MA, REACE

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Through on-site and online workshops, programs, certificate training, and therapy Expressive Arts Florida Institute empowers individuals, groups and communities by cultivating the creative wisdom inherent in all.